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TRINITI successfully represented UAB Vilniaus augma in a dispute regarding the validity of the trademark registration

TRINITI successfully represented UAB Vilniaus augma in a dispute with AB AUGA group regarding the validity of the EU trademark AUGA CO registration. The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has ruled that AUGA CO, the AUGA group’s trademark, is confusingly similar to AUGAM, the earlier trademark of UAB Vilniaus augma, and declared the registration invalid for certain goods and services

TRINITI successfully represented a Lithuanian family residing in the USA seeking to receive dual citizenship by way of exception

TRINITI represented a Lithuanian family living in the USA who sought to prove their right to be citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, while remaining citizens of another country, on the grounds and in the manner established by the Republic of Lithuania Law on Citizenship.

Persons deported from occupied Lithuania before 11 March 1990  and/or persons who have left Lithuania before 11 March 1990 and their descendants have the right to be citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and other states simultaneously. This means that such persons may be exempted from the prohibition of dual citizenship.

A citizen of the Republic of Lithuania who is also a citizen of another state shall be considered by the State of Lithuania as only a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania. Possession of citizenship of another state does not release him from the duties of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, established in the Constitution, laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

We successfully defended our client in criminal proceedings regarding charges brought for illegal entry

We defended the creators of “Kuuuurija” regarding the so-called “cat factory” episode, as criminal proceedings were brought against the host, producer and cameraman for the offence of illegal entry. Read more

We successfully defended our client in criminal proceedings brought for a suspected unlawful search

A suspicion was filed against the host of “KUUUURIJA”, Katrin Lust, regarding an unlawful search carried out in the so-called “child pornography” episode. Read more

We represented Kaupo Kutsar in a dispute with Toiduliit (Estonian Food Industry Association)

Kaupo Kutsar is a professional farmer and politician who raised questions about whether it is correct to use the tricolour flag logo (blue-black-white) on products whose main ingredient has no ties to Estonia and whether the statements that the manager of Toiduliit made about the logo are transparent and truthful. Read more

TRINITI successfully represented a journalist in a dispute about publishing on social media

Harju District Court dismissed a claim filed against our client for publishing on social media. Our client shared a work painted by another person on Facebook. The court concluded that sharing other people’s posts on social media does not constitute a violation of copyright. Firstly, under Facebook’s terms of use, the defendant was entitled to use information that the claimant had posted to their own user feed. Secondly, the court also agreed with our client in that the defendant was entitled to reproduce a depiction of the work under the journalistic exception.

The District Court’s judgment has not yet entered into force and the dispute may continue in the Circuit Court of Appeal.

The client was represented by attorneys Karmen Turk and Maarja Pild.

We successfully represented Katrin Lust regarding the chiropractor Oolo episode of “Kuuuurija”

Harju District Court delivered a judgment dismissing the claim filed by star-chiropractor Oolo against Katrin Lust.

The dispute was significant in more than one respect, as the court analysed several complex legal questions in its 42-page judgment:

  • The journalistic right to use copyrighted material without the author’s consent and without paying any fees.
  • The extent to which a claimant can rely on aspects derived from context, i.e. putting words in a journalist’s mouth.
  • A journalist’s right to publish interviews conducted with their sources.
  • A journalist’s right to use someone’s personal data if the person in question has previously published such data about themselves.

The dispute continues in Tallinn Circuit Court of Appeal.

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Advising the sale of the largest container manufacturer in Northern Europe

A Finnish family-owned Fincumet Group Oy purchased the majority share of Birger OÜ (, the largest manufacturer of hooklift containers and steel structures in Northern Europe. TRINITI transactions team: Tõnis Tamme, Ain Kalme and Mikk Põld advised the sellers in the contract negotiations, legal preparation of the transaction and closing of the share transfer. Read more

TRINITI consulted the new Estonian pre-seed & seed stage investment firm Lemonade Stand

TRINITI advised Lemonade Stand, new Estonian pre-seed & seed stage investment firm in one of its first investments. Lemonade Stand lead a round of 600 000 eur into ProcurementFlow, cloud-based software company for fully digitized procurement workflow. The other investors included Pipedrive co-founder Martin Henk, and Bolt co-founder Martin Villig, AdCash founder Thomas Padovani, Bellone Invest, Stagnation Lab, Katana MRP co-founder Kristjan Vilosius, Skeleton Technologies founders Taavi Madiberk and Oliver Ahlberg. TRINITI team consisting of Ergo BlumfeldtAin Kalme and Maarja Lehemets assisted the client in carrying out due diligence of the company and negotiating the financing documentation.

Advising DeRoyal Estonia on keeping its bank account open

We advised DeRoyal Estonia, a company with US background, in the compliance process performed by the bank in meeting the requirements for keeping the bank account open. DeRoyal Estonia belongs to DeRoyal group. DeRoyal is a US-based international manufacturer and marketer of healthcare products. DeRoyal’s portfolio includes, for example, surgical equipment, orthopedic softgoods and wound dressings. DeRoyal has manufacturing assets on three continents, operations in six countries and a total of 1,900 employees.