Major Assignments - Banking & Finance

Advising DeRoyal Estonia on keeping its bank account open

We advised DeRoyal Estonia, a company with US background, in the compliance process performed by the bank in meeting the requirements for keeping the bank account open. DeRoyal Estonia belongs to DeRoyal group. DeRoyal is a US-based international manufacturer and marketer of healthcare products. DeRoyal’s portfolio includes, for example, surgical equipment, orthopedic softgoods and wound dressings. DeRoyal has manufacturing assets on three continents, operations in six countries and a total of 1,900 employees.

TRINITI has advised on AML compliance issues and in supervisory proceedings of FIU

Attorneys of TRINITI have advised on matters concerning anti-money laundering compliance, including companies from different sectors (from accounting providers and real estate agencies to creditors and banks). We have helped our clients to assess money laundering risks in their entities and determine risk appetite, as well as establish rules of procedure and internal control. We have consulted and represented companies also in supervisory proceedings of Financial Intelligence Unit.

TRINITI's lawyers represented a client in the European Union's first ICO case

Karmen Turk, Katri Tomson and Maarja Pild, lawyers in the TRINITI Law Firm, represented their client in the European Union’s first ICO case. In the case regarding Santiment ICO (Bloomberg in the crypto world), the parties reached a mutually acceptable compromise. In the event of a dispute, whether and how can the other party be required to transfer the crypto assets (tokens), whether a default interest can be charged for delay (if no money is involved), and what are the bailiff’s tools for enforcing a judgment rendered in a crypto asset dispute – those were some of the topics hotly debated.

TRINITI’s lawyers have also discussed the risks and disputes related to crypto assets and ICOs in the Äripäev Radio broadcast “TRINITI eetris” (TRINITI On Air).

Collateral Agent service for the bonds to acquire Sanoma Baltics AS

We provide Collateral Agent service for the acquisition of Sanoma Baltics AS, a company operating advertisement portals and The company was acquired by leading private equity and venure capital investor BaltCap and the Estonian management of the company. The transaction was partly financed by LHV pension funds under the bonds issued

Acquisition of a Banking License in Latvia

TRINITI advised a group of British and Gulf investors on the acquisition of a banking license in Latvia. Our lawyers provided a comprehensive legal report on the requirements of the local and European regulatory bodies as well as a wealth of practical information on the setup of a financial institution in Latvia

Legal advice to GoSystems, an international money transfer provider

TRINITI advised the client GoSystems (TransferGo) during a complex process of investments executed by the venture capital funds, Practica Seed Capital and Practica Venture Capital. The team at TRINTI has further advised the client on the follow-on procedures related to convertible bonds.  Read more

Acting as a Security Agent in 8 492 348,50 EUR bond issue

TRINITI has acted since 2010 as security agent in connection with a 8,492,348.50 EUR bond issue by Süda Maja AS, an Estonian real estate developer. Given that Süda Maja AS has gone into bankruptcy in 2014 this assignment has provided unique practical experience in the enforcement of the security agent’s rights in Estonia

Restructuring of Ranga IV

Our Lithuanian lawyers advised on one of the most difficult debt restructuring cases related to Ranga IV, the former leading construction company in Lithuania with a turnover of more than 100 M EUR. The team’s experience in the regulation of financial services was of particular significance while negotiating with banks and modifying credit agreements, Read more