How should be the Meetings of the Company’s Administration, Board Members and Shareholders be organized during COVID-19 quarantine?

TRINITI lawyers recommend organizing activities avoiding close contact between people. To organise meetings, conferences and other working meetings remotely by use of telecommunications. This also applies to companies when they hold general meetings, as well as board or supervisory board meetings. Read more in Lithuanian… Read more

Consequences of COVID-19 – Recommendations for Employers

The negative effects of coronavirus have definitely affected the businesses. Some companies run out of supplies, others complain of late deliveries and stagnant production, and some affected countries are even forced to close their factories. How to save a business and jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic? What best possible solutions employers have to offer for Read more

Can COVID-19 be considered as a Force Majeure?

The coronavirus that has been lately spreading worldwide presents a number of challenges for business. To reduce the spread of the virus, Chinese and Italian companies have temporary suspended their operations. This resulted in the termination of a large part of contracts. These countries are very important business partners of Lithuania. Therefore, a question that Read more

Coronavirus as a Condition of Force Majeure in Contract Default

Businesses and citizens around the world follow the rapid spreading of the new Covid-19 virus with great concern. The measures to contain this virus already cause suspension of manufacturing as well as difficulties in the supply of products and services. In the near term we may expect reduction of economic activity which will cause not Read more