Cryptocurrency disputes have reached the courts

How and why to make a distinction between crypto coins and crypto tokens? It is a question increasingly addressed to legal advisers. The lawyers of TRINITI Finance, Intellectual Property and IT Law teams advise their customers namely in these areas. Read more

You got too much money for protecting your reputation?

The European Court of Human Rights passed a judgement in a case last year where the main issue was whether or not the court had ordered excessively large compensation for non-pecuniary damage for defamation. More precisely, was the 1,25 million euros ordered by the Court of Justice of Ireland too big a sum for publishing Read more

Dramatic Developments in European State Aid Law

In its recent 01.10.2015 decision, Dunamenti Erömü v Commission (C 357/14 P), the European Court found that the investment made by a private investor in 1995 contained prohibited state aid as from Hungary’s accession to the European Union on 01.05.2004. By this decision, the Court also changed the earlier single economic unit doctrine, distinguishing between Read more

Russia v. European Court of Human Rights: fight for sovereignty

In December 2015, Russia adopted a law that gave the Constitutional Court of Russia a right to decide if a decision of the European Court of Human Rights is in conformity with the Russian Constitution and, thus, a right to forbid the enforcement of European Court of Human Rights decisions in Russia. Most probably the Read more

Enforcement of judgements abroad now easier

The enforcement of judgements given in civil and commercial matters in other EU Member States became simpler from 10 January 2015.[1] Before, in order to enforce a judgement in another EU Member State, one had to have recourse to the corresponding court first and then apply for the declaration of enforceability of the judgement there. Read more