TRINITI offers assistance with a wide range of agricultural matters across the Baltics and was one of the first firms in the region to focus on advising the agricultural sector. We are proficient in the following areas:

  • transactions involving the sale or lease of land, livestock, products and machinery
  • mergers and acquisitions, from the straightforward to the most complex
  • farming rights
  • food and beverage production
  • environmental issues
  • land-use regulations
  • application, usage and reporting of agricultural subsidies
  • civil and administrative litigation

Our agriculture clients include local farmers, farmers’ associations, multinational companies and investors. Below are examples of how we have served them:

  • negotiating the sale of Estonian dairy farm Põlva Agro to leading Lithuanian agricultural investor Agrowill Group, listed on OMX-Vilnius
  • facilitating the sale of shares of Estonian dairy farm Selja, with more than 200 shareholders, to one of the country’s largest farmers’ associations
  • assisting agriculture concern Larix Silva in acquiring 500 hectares of land in Latvia worth more than €1.75 million
  • representing Latvian agricultural producers DanLat Agro and Dan Lat in a €2-million purchase
  • representing Latvian biogas company Vaiņode Energo in a purchase and financing project worth more than €16 million
  • supporting a German investment fund in buying and leasing 400 hectares of agricultural land in Latvia
  • providing ongoing consulting to private farmers, agriculture companies and the Lithuanian Association of Grain Growers

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